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Shadows of Bronze
Handbells, keyboards, and wind instruments featuring classical music to rock-and-roll.

Daniel M. ReckDaniel M. Reck has been ringing handbells for over fifteen years, and has performed solo and ensemble repertoire on tour in the United States, the Czech Republic, Austria, and France.  A member of the Handbell Musicians of America, he was selected to perform with the 2011 National All-Star Ensemble in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Reck is presently Media Director for the Allegro Handbell Ensemble of the Union Church of Hinsdale, Illinois, and has been a music instructor at Hinsdale Central High School and Monmouth College in Illinois, and at the Indiana Academy at Ball State University in Indiana. He has directed church music programs in Indiana and Illinois.

Michael B. SurrattMichael Surratt is Director Emeritus of Music and Organist of the Union Church of Hinsdale, Illinois, after serving the church for 32 years. A church organist since the age of twelve, he has toured Europe and played organ recitals throughout the Midwest and Southeast, and has been featured in recitals on several Chicago-area radio stations.  He also directed the handbell programs at the church, including the Allegro Handbell Ensemble, a group whose history spans four decades and includes dozens of concert tours throughout the United States, Canada, Mexico, and Europe.

Rebecca M. JohnsonRebecca Reck has been a flautist and vocalist for over a decade, and more recently has taken up handbells.  She has performed with ensembles in Michigan and Indiana, and serves on the executive committee of the Tiger Alumni Bands at DePauw University.  Rebecca is an electrical engineer for Rockwell Collins, where she designs aircraft control systems.