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Shadows of Bronze
Handbells, keyboards, and wind instruments featuring classical music to rock-and-roll.
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Hosting the Shadows of Bronze is a fun and easy way to bring exciting entertainment and learning to your organization, school, or community.  Our mission is to share the joy of handbell ringing and demonstrate it outside of its traditional setting, providing not only a delightful (and free!) performance, but an educational experience.

The Shadows of Bronze provides two forms of appearances.  Generally, the ensemble appears in concert and performs a program lasting approximately one hour of music interspersed with some program narration and a brief audience Q&A period.  The Shadows of Bronze and its members are available for certain educational programming; since this is generally customized, please contact the ensemble for details.


When hosting the Shadows of Bronze, the event host is expected to provide the following:

  • A suitable indoor performance or demonstration site.
    For concert performances, the venue must seat at least 50 and provide a stage area at least 25 feet wide by 20 feet deep.  A recital hall is an ideal venue for a Shadows of Bronze concert, athough church sanctuaries, community or school auditoriums, civic center, or even a good gymnasium or school cafeteria can be used.  For educational demonstrations, the room arrangement should be appropriate for the event as agreed upon with the Shadows of Bronze.  In all cases, hosts should make every effort to secure a site which best enhances the visual and acoustical performance of the ensemble.
  • Ushers for the performance site.
    House ushers or volunteers are appropriate.  Their responsiblity is to distribute programs and accurately count attendees, as well as conduct a free-will offering during the pause in the program.
  • A free-will offering collection during the program.
    The offering will be contributed in part to the host's fund for sponsoring similar cultural or musical programs and will be used to defray the travel cost for the Shadows of Bronze.
  • Publicity for the free performance or demonstration sufficient to provide a capacity audience.
    Publicity templates and reccomendations will be provided by the Shadows of Bronze.  It is the host's responsibility to distribute them and manage the publicity campaign for their site.
  • Print and distribute free admission tickets for concert performances.
    The ticket count must include a 15 percent overprint of the maximum capacity of the performance site.  This assures full attendance, as generally no more than 85 percent of people who receive free tickets typically attend the concert.  All advertisements and tickets must be include the wording: “All ticket holders must be seated 15 minutes before the performance.”  Unclaimed seats will then be offered for general admission.
  • Reproduce a three-page program on white letter-sized paper.
    The quantity of programs should exceed the site's maximum occupancy by 25.
  • Hotel accomodations for 1-3 individuals, as neccessary.
    Generally speaking, hotel requirements will be waived within 50 miles of Chicago, Illinois, or Cedar Rapids, Iowa.  Hotel rates may be reduced if split with additional performance sites located within 50 miles, for performances scheduled on the same or subsequent days.
If there are any questions about these expectations, or your venue is interested in hosting the Shadows of Bronze in concert or for an educational session, please contact the ensemble.

Concert performances are open and free to the general public.

The Shadows of Bronze will not participate in any event that directly or indirectly benefits or appears to benefit or favor any private individual, sect, political group, or is associated with solicitation of funds or solicitation of votes in an election. Fundraising activities or other collections in connection with Shadows of Bronze performances or demonstrations are prohibited.
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