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Students teach their parents how to play handbells during the Sound Curiosity pilot program at Urbana Middle School.

“It’s an unusual excitement at this time of year,” says Karen DeBauche, band director at Urbana Middle School. “Their last [band] concert was two weeks ago so we needed to do something different for the sixth and seventh grade bands.”

Different, in this case, was to put away the tubas, trumpets and timpani and replace them with 191 handbells and handchimes, leading to an in-school recital at the end of the school year. Most of the students had never played these new instruments.

“Playing them is really fun but really hard,” said one sixth grader in the end-of-class discussion.

“How many of you agree about playing the handbells and handchimes?” asked DeBauche.

All around students’ hands shoot into the air. Lots of grins, too.

forzandoArts is a Bronze Sponsor for Sound Curiosity

Independent music publisher forzandoArts will sponsor the instruments to be used in Sound Curiosity music and STEM education programs.

"forzandoArts will be providing enough handbells, handchimes, and performance equipment to support concurrent programs in five locations simultaneously," says Daniel M. Reck, director of Sound Curiosity.

Sound Curiosity students will be able to use forzandoArts' extensive collection of handbells, handchimes, and other performance equipment.

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