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Sound Curiosity

About Us

Our Mission

Sound Curiosity will enhance the lives and learning of youth and adults through the rehearsal and performance of handbell music while exploring musical connections to science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM).

Program Approach

Community Music+STEM Education

Sound Curiosity will establish several of age-defined ensembles or teams to involve youth and adults in rehearsing and performing music representing the breadth of humanity’s culture and history, while leveraging that musical interest to explore STEM topics and develop the next generation of leaders in society.

Adult participants will join ensembles focused on music study and preparation, with the objective of presenting educational and cultural programs to benefit the community, region, and nation. Adult participants will also support the youth and community education activities of the organization.

Youth students will also develop their musicianship in extracurricular teams/ensembles, and at the same time will be engaged in a curriculum which uses music as the foundation to explore topics in science (such as physics and biology), technology (such as computer coding and artificial intelligence), engineering (such as robotics) and mathematics. Within each team, youth members will be expected to take on age-appropriate leadership roles. The objective is to develop young people as creative, analytical, and experienced leaders ready to succeed in their educational and career pursuits.

School-Based Music+STEM Education

Students use handbells to explore music and STEM in a middle school band class.
Students use handbells to explore music and STEM in a middle school band class.

Sound Curiosity will facilitate the availability of clinicians, instruments, and educational programs to offer drop-in, modular, and ongoing music education programs using handbells and handchimes.

The purpose of these programs is to engage young people with “instant success” as new musicians, developing their love of the study of music and encouraging continued studies. Additionally, we aim to help music educators develop an understanding of the benefits of using handbells and handchimes as primary music instructional instruments. We will also consult with schools who wish to permanently add these instruments into their curriculums.

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